Company Profile
>Dongguan Shengmei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.Dongguan Shengmei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines for foreign investment in Guangdong. It was established in 1998. Headquartered in the United States, Kaimei has more than 40 years of experience and reputation in Taiwan. In a professional technical engineering and automation operations, Shengmei has always had a place in the plastic molding industry in the field of hollow blow molding machinery in design, construction, marketing, etc. Due to the highly efficient mechanical structure, strict quality control and excellent after-sales service, Shengmei Company and Anhui Xinyi Photovoltaic Group, Zhongshan Jinting, Dongguan Puzzle, Goodbaby Group, Shanghai Asia Pacific Rubber, Kunshan Lianhua Plastics (Hua Mao Tools), Fujian (United States) Lai Futai, Hong Leong Group (Lizushi), Japan Shayong, Fujian * Hongxin Long, Guanxin Enterprise Group, Tongji Lixing, Guangzhou Huagen, ASUS Group, Elite Group, Leisheng Group, Shanghai Yongyu, Master Kong Group, Suzhou Qixing, Shanghai Zihua Container, and other multinational corporations and listed The company has a good relationship of cooperation. And it is exported to Japan, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam, Jordan, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. For the large-scale storage type machines, we cooperate with the manufacturers Toolbox, buoys, buckets (towers), auto parts, desktop boards, child safety seats, auto parts, etc.

Shengmei upholds the business philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction, Faithfulness, Prosperity, and Sustainability”, and constantly emphasizes “customer value” and “maximizing customer value” as the company’s ultimate goal.