Marketing objectives

Market-oriented, in good faith management, education, marketing, winning the principle of the end, unity, hard work and courage. In order to achieve the improvement of brand image, the steady increase of profits and the continuous development of the company.

Regional exclusive operating principles

The headquarters shall determine the area after examination according to the urban economy, the size of the traffic area, the connections of the surrounding cities, the operating capabilities of the agents, and the network distribution of the agents at all levels, and implement the sole agency system.

Establishing a standardized regional exclusive distribution system is a key measure to ensure that agents have objective and stable profit points. The company adopts an exclusive distribution system for terminal sales. No other channels are available to avoid price competition. It effectively guarantees the unified control of the entire market and allows distributors to show their talents in the distribution area.

1. City-level distributors: With strong economic strength, the prefecture-level cities have mature electrical industry network resources, independent market development and service teams, and are good at operating electrical appliance operators or large electric appliance chain operators.
2, agents: a stable customer resources, good reputation, familiar with the hollow molding machine or its related mechanical knowledge.

Quality Assurance, Technical Assurance

The company keeps up with the market trend and continues to develop, develop and produce differentiated products. For the agent's sales market, it provides excellent series of products with excellent quality, beautiful packaging, novel points of sale, moderate prices, and a complete product structure.

  • 1、 Regional protection

    There is absolutely no cross-replacement in the business area and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of red cargo.

  • 2、 Reputation protection

    Strict brand management and services improve brand reputation.

  • 3、 Property protection

    Exclusive ownership of product distribution rights, trademark use rights, all products are protected by law.

Basic conditions

Dealer requirements

1、In the local area has a good business reputation and business reputation, and can comply with the law and the company's relevant rules and regulations, agree with the company's corporate culture and business philosophy.

2、With professionalism, enthusiasm for customer service, ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit. We have a strong management and brand awareness for the blow molding machine. We have a team spirit, and we have the idea of creating a brand-name partnership with the company to create a sustainable business.

5、With high-quality marketing team, perfect after-sales service personnel protection and loyal management team;

6、It can actively cooperate with the headquarters to unify the market operation, accept the management and guidance of the headquarters, and timely feed back market information to the headquarters.

Agency support

1、Maintaining the rights of agents: A strict regional protection policy is applied to agents, and only one agency is set up in a region. Products are supervised by the market to prevent malicious shipments;

2、Market operation guidance: provide successful and unique market operation plan, graphic design copy, market operation tips;

3、Brand image promotion: exquisite and complete terminal promotional materials and videos

4、Training service system: professional marketing team to help throughout the sales guide, and provide a sound marketing training system;