About Us

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Company was established in Taichung, business engagement is mainly in the design and making of PBA bottle Blow Molding machines, and the total area of plant and office building is 2160 square ft.

We expanded the factory and moved to Da Ya city of Taichung County, the area of factory building increases to 7200 square ft. and we joined " The Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI ) ", Taichung " to provide opportunity to exchange views and promote interactions with all members. In the meantime the company is devoted to researching and developing the new models constantly and developed bigger machine " PBS " series successfully.

The company developed and delivered heavier duty " PBI " series that can produce toolboxes and 15-60 liters containers and aggressively expanded the export market.

We continued to extend our product applications for " PBI " series to produce handle and stacking chemical drums for the special-purpose of chemical and drug storage. We also developed new machine model for twp-color toy car production.

Once again, we succeeded in R&D of heavy duty " PBL " series which produce 220 liters jars product. Then we extended " PBS " so it can offer a product line of transparent engine oil bottles and double- deck cosmetic and shampoo bottles in 1988.

We expanded the factory to Taiping city once again, factory building area increases to 28080 square ft. in order to meet the market demands.

We became a qualified "TAMI" member.

We succeeded in the R&D of Double mold carriage machine, " PBSS " series, it traverses on linear motion in an interleaving way to maximize the throughput of the machines.

The company won Salvador "DIPLOMA DE HONOR".

A winner of " China Gold Dragon Prize for locally-supplied high-quality machines" and we were also listed in " DIRECTORY OF EXCELLENT TAIWAN EXPORTERS & IMPORTERS IN 1993" .

Became a member of LABC LATIN AMERICAN BUSSINESSCOUNCIL, and we also actively established our CIS/ ERP system.

Successfully expanded our business to the European market, and won " 20 th GOLD AWARD FOR BEST SRADE NAME " in Spain.

Combined the Leak detector and bottle Blow Molding machine together into an in situ process machine and made a quantum leap of product quality in the bottle blowing circle. We invested and established a mould factory to better control the customer test and delivery schedule. Our R&D developed PBL series machine for producing ultra high polymer two-ring chemical drum with capacity of 200 liters. The investment capital was NTD 20 Million, registered in China under the name of “SHENG MEI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO. LTD. ”.

We built a factory in China, it took up an area of 15,000 m2.

The factory in China went into operation formally.

Staff's number increased to 120.

Passed ISO:9001 system authentication. Multi-die-head extrusion blow molding machines were developed and entered into mass production. We developed double mold-carriage, octonary-die-head blow molding machines with automatic leak detector for fully automated multi-process mass production.

Participated in bidding of national equipment purchase and won our business.Twin counterparts bottle machine have been developed and put into volume production.

Passed CE authentication

Our 5-layer Model Mass Production Started in 2008(10:51am).

SHENG MEI starts to put over 3-layer fully automatic machine into mass production in 2012.

SHENG MEI starts to put over 3-layer, double station,20L~25L machine.

SHENG MEI starts to put over 3-layer, double station,four die heads,VS,4L machine.

SHENG MEI starts to put over 3-layer, double station,double die heads,10L machine.