About Us

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective


Since the establishment of SHENG MEI, we have received trust and support from our customers and have already developed into a big company with considerable scale today, and our market covers enterprises all over China, and rest of the world. We have been devoted to introducing the best products to our customer all the time. We constantly update ourselves with the plastic industry, and devote ourselves to meticulous research and development of plastic machinery for transportation, medical, and commodity productions. We have been expanding the market with high-efficient commercial network all the time. We have complied with total quality management, and followed ISO to regulate our product and service quality to assure that our customers always get the best products and services.

In reviewing our company history, we feel profoundly, this is an era that cooperation and competition coexist, we should always meet the pioneer's cooperation with open mind to achieve the goal of our win-win situation. The sincerity and trust of the two sides are the most important factor for the cooperation between our company and our alliances. As there are numerous customers and cooperative partners to our trust, we can have our development and growth. We cherish customers’ trust in us more than ever, and will feedback zillions of thanks to customers with sincerity.

SHENG MEI inherits the values "Honesty is our policy" in line with our company culture, and we stand fast at this idea of managing the company: "Customer Satisfaction, colleague Delight, Operation Smoothness, Endeavor Perpetuity ". We are market-oriented, customer-centric, and we strive for customer satisfaction constantly to offer better products and service to customers. And we expect to cooperate with every regional agent in China.