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Development History
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Taiwan company established


Expand the plant area, continue to develop new models, larger models of "PBS" and "PBI" series, can produce toolbox and 15-60l products


Once again, we have successfully developed the "PBL" series of larger models, which can produce 220l water barrels, and develop machines with liquid level line, oil bottles and double-layer cosmetics or shampoo bottles


The plant was expanded again, with an area of 780 square meters, and the "PBSs" series double die frame machine was successfully developed, making full use of the time difference of mold moving to improve the production rate.


At the same time, "PBL" series has been successfully developed, which can produce super polymer 200L double ring chemical barrel.


Build a factory in Chinese mainland, covering 15000 square meters.


adopt ISO:9001 System certification, multi-layer coextrusion machine development completed, into mass production. The development of double-layer eight die head with double position and automatic leak detection has been completed, and it has entered the multi-layer and multi-output automatic process


Through CE certification, three to five layers of fully automatic machine platform mass production, mass production of double station, four die head, liquid level line (1l-25l)


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Address: Dakeng Industrial Zone, Shuxin management zone, Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong